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March 2018

Very helpful, friendly and informative. Thanks very much for all your help.

AK - 19th March 2018

September 2017

Wow fantastic service today thank you. Needed daughter's laptop resurrected from dead ASAP and it was diagnosed and fixed in a very timely manner. All reasonable prices were upfront and transparent. So, so pleased that we drove over to see you today been telling everyone about the honest, wonderful service. If any one in Nottingham has a computer problem don't waste your time trying anywhere else not knowing if you are going to get ripped off just go straight here for the best, no flannel service at the right price.

Colin Carter - 26th September 2017

February 2016

The experience restored my faith in customer service. The team dealt with an exceptionally difficult problem where they could easily have just given up but their persistence and concern for me as the customer took precedence

Not only did they go to the full mile once they had resolved the issue they installed additional programmes such as Adobe reader to make my life easier

A brilliant level of technical knowledge, customer service and pleasant attitude combined to make a very distressing situation bearable.

Thanks to the team

Peter Dilger

Keystone Associates

Peter Dilger - 25th February 2016

Brilliant service at an unbelievable price.

My autistic son had a very expensive Alienware laptop which was showing all the signs of having a graphics card failure. This was an expensive PC and was only about 2 years old and so I wanted to try repairing it as a replacement would be around £1500. Dave kept me in contact with progress and potential costs. It seemed that the graphics card replacement did not solve the problem although the diagnostics on the laptop said that this was what it was.

However, the repairer did not give up and spent some time investigating other solutions and came up with a fix that had been successful for someone else of replacing a CPU part. A cheap part was sourced and they tried that with the new graphics card but this did not work - again they did not give up and so they replaced the original graphics card and success!

They did some more substantive testing for a day to make sure that the solution was robust and then a very happy son who was home from college went to pick it up. With the amount of time that they had spent repairing it, I was fully expecting a large bill and said to my wife that it would be between £300-£500 depending on the charge for the graphics card which they may be able to return as not working. Imagine my surprise when the bill was less than £170. They obviously spent a lot of time figuring out what the problem was and fixing it as well as the time in researching solutions and all this with an eye to the fact that my son only came home every 2-3 weeks and they made sure that they had it ready before he went back.

I can't praise them enough for the work that they have done and the incredibly reasonable price that they charged.

Chris Webb - 12th February 2016

March 2015

PC Doctor are a real life safer! I cannot thank them enough and I don't know what I would have done without them. I am a PhD Student in my final year so my laptop is essential to me at the moment writing my thesis so when I was experiencing problems with my laptop I was very stressed out and did not know who to trust to repair my laptop as it’s so precious. Fortunately for me after searching the internet to find a suitable company I came across PC Doctor and spoke to the managing director David Beckwith who instantly put me at ease over the phone by his friendly manner, expertise and affordable cost to repair my laptop. I was really impressed when I meet David too because he first wanted to find out what the problem was rather than just wiping my laptop and restoring windows. They did a detailed diagnostic check involving many different scans which took over a day to complete. Although they had optimized my computer and removed malware off my laptop we noticed when I picked up my laptop the next day the problem of starting windows still occurred. Without hesitation David Beckwith said that he would immediately restore windows. However, unlike other computer repairers PC Doctor builds your computer in a systematic way ensuring all windows updates are successful implemented and all relevant drivers are updated without error. Once this stage has been completed they then rein-store all your software making sure everything works correctly, while at the same time optimising your computer to maximise efficiency. I highly recommend PC Doctor for the computer experience, expertise, customer care (even made me coffee and made me feel at home) – overall they really look after you and prioritise your computer needs. Even after they had completed their work successfully I incurred any error two days later they solved the problem through their remote service by actively modifying files online line as I watched on screen without any further charges. More importantly I was only charged on one occasion and was not charged an hourly rate which made the whole repair service as being very cost effective. PC Doctor Work to very high standards and there reliability and speed at getting things sorted is quite amazing especially having to put up with me being highly stressed during a ten day period.

Keith Bound PhD Student, University of Nottingham 28th March 2015

Keith Bound - 30th March 2015

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