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Computer Repairs Services

At PC Doctor, we offer a wide range of services to both commercial and domestic customers. Based in Basford, we are ideally based to provide computer support and repair services to business and home based customers throughout Nottingham and the surrounding areas. Please find below a selection of our services, if you have any questions or require some advice, please contact us on the numbers below.

Laptop & Desktop Health Checks / Diagnostics

If you’re currently suffering from “computer rage”, bring your computer to our store for a thorough diagnostic / health check. You do not need to bring any cables or peripherals with you, just the laptop or tower unit itself. Please remember to include any software product licence numbers or original CDs that came with the computer. This comprehensive service takes approximately 4 hours to complete and includes the following:

  • Full Hardware & Software Check Using Professional Diagnostic Software

  • Full Virus & Spy Ware Scan, With Report Detailing Any Virus Found

  • All Hardware Checked & Secured In The Case

  • All Electrical Connections Thoroughly Checked

  • Interior Case Clean, Removing Dust Build Up

  • Service Packs Installations (If Applicable)

  • Software Clean & System Optimisation

  • Any Minor Errors Repaired

  • Cooling Fans Cleaned /Checked To Prevent Overheating

“Same Day Or Next Day Service Where Possible”

Data Recovery

If you have a computer crash you may not have lost all your valuable personal data stored on the hard disc. It may be possible to recover some or all of it depending on the problem. The data may then be recovered to other media such as a hard drive or USB flash for example. We have a high success rate but it's not always possible so remember to have a backup, as we can not guarantee recovery. We offer three options, the most costly being to send the hard drive to a specialist recovery company. This option can be expensive and only you can decide if the data is important enough. Usually only businesses want to do this in order to recover critical data.

Data Transfer

If you have purchased a new computer and want your personal data transferring from your old computer, we can help you. This is ideal for transferring text documents, pictures, spreadsheets, databases and emails etc. We can also destroy all data on your hard drive by performing a number of security wipes or can totally destroy the drive and dispose of it safely for you.

Antivirus & Internet Security

We provide antivirus and internet security solutions for a single computer, right up to a large network with multi user licences (perfect for larger businesses and organisations). We supply software to order such as Windows XP, Vista and 7 as well as MS Office 2010, Norton Anti Virus, AVG, Adobe, Enterprise, Sage, QuickBooks and many more.

PC Peripherals & Hardware Upgrades

We stock a large selection of PC peripherals and hardware components to meet your requirements including printers, monitors, mice, keyboards, scanners, internal / external hard drives, motherboards, USB memory sticks, modems, routers, cables, and Ethernet cards etc.