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Remote Access Support

Are you having problems with your computer? Would you like help installing new software or a printer? By using our easy to use remote computer support service our qualified technician can remotely connect to your PC and help you with these and many other issues you may be having.

It’s As Simple As...

Step 1: Contact Us

Please call our support help line on 0115 970 1283. or Email

Step 2: Speak to our Support Engineers

You will be asked to click on a link and download some connection software and install it on your Computer The software will generate an ID number and a password. You will be asked to give this information to one of our support engineers. They will take control of your Computer.

Step 3: We Fix Your Problem

We’ll remotely connect to your computer, at an agreed time, and quickly and safely fix your problem. Whilst we connect with your computer we will also talk you through what we are doing.

It Really Is As Simple As That…

Team Viewer - click here to download

Important – Please Read

  • Service provided during office hours only and subject to current workload (9:00 to 5:00 Monday to Friday)
  • You must have a working broadband connection. Only basic support is offered (e.g. change settings, install printer, software support etc.)
  • You must give an email address so that an invoice can be sent (your email address will NOT be used sent or used by any third party’s)- Maximum time is 1 hour. The cost will be discussed and agreed before starting. This is not refundable.
  • Totally secure connection you will be give an ID code and password to our support Engineer. A new code is created each time the software is run. When we have logged out we cannot get access to your computer again until you give us a new code. Any software that is installed will also be removed. Your internet security will need to "allow" this connection when asked.
  • We cannot guarantee that we can fix all faults by this method because there may be other underlying problems such as virus, spyware or malware that will not allow us to correct any errors.
  • However, you can always bring your computer in to the workshop for a full diagnostic service.
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