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Laptop & Computer Repairs Nottingham

Supporting the local community for many years, we have witnessed all types of computer faults and performance issues, including everything from virus and spyware infections, to hardware failures and screen faults.

If you have a laptop or PC that regularly “cuts out” or suffers from blue screen of death (BSOD), then it may have a virus, malware or a memory fault. Overheating can also be a problem with both laptop and desktop computers, especially if a cooling fan is malfunctioning or has “worn out” over time.

If your laptop or desktop computer is running slowly, you may just need your data “backing up”, before the computer is reset to its original factory settings. It is a good idea to do this every couple of years to maintain the computer’s operational efficiency.

Virus, Malware & Malaceware Removal

If your computer has a virus, we recommend that you bring it to us straight away. We will be able to safely assess the extent to which your laptop or computer is infected, before quarantining the virus and removing it from your machine. Though most viruses and malware can be removed without the need for reformatting your computer, we may require the original Operating System installation disks, in the event that the Operating System has become corrupt and cannot be repaired. We will carry out a complete system “re-install”. Alternatively, some computers have a hidden partition containing all original software that was supplied when purchased, which may be recoverable.

Component Replacements & Upgrades

Should you require a new component or piece of hardware, we stock a large selection of motherboards, hard disk drives, graphic and sound cards as well as adapters, power supplies and cooling fans.

As a result of repairing so many laptops and desktop computers over the years, we stock a large amount of “hard to find” and “obsolete” components that may be required for repairing older machines.

Whatever the problem, we would encourage all customers to bring their computer to our workshop in Nottingham. If we cannot quickly identify the fault over the phone, our thorough computer diagnostic service will recognise any faults, highlighting the best way to repair or restore your computer.

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